Why did I start offering
professional SEO consultancy?

After running the award-winning digital marketing agency, Bigfoot Digital, for over ten years, I decided it was time for a new challenge. While my team of specialists has a reputation for managing compelling marketing campaigns, there is a clear gap in the market for an advanced consultancy service.

My clients are always keen to learn. They are curious and have lots of questions.

I knew it was time to expand my offering, put my years of experience and expertise to good use and include marketing consultancy in my remit. I want to support those clients who are ready and willing to develop their skills and put their own expertise into practice.

As a professional SEO consultant, I have developed an approach that delivers long term results for my clients. It’s about combining the right level of support with a clear strategy that gives people confidence in their abilities. Bigfoot Digital’s work has helped clients generate millions of pounds in leads, sales, and opportunities. We want businesses to be able to create their own success stories, with a helping hand and constant support from me as a mentor.


Where did it all begin?

I have had an entrepreneurial mind and way of thinking for as long as I can remember. Even aged four, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was simply ‘rich’. This may seem trivial to some, but having the right mindset when running a business really is essential. If you are not motivated and excited by the thought of success, you won’t achieve it. 

My colleagues will vouch for the fact that I am someone who is constantly thinking ahead and striving to achieve the next best thing. I don’t like being comfortable and staying in my comfort zone – if I had stuck inside my comfort zone Bigfoot Digital would not exist today. As soon as the internet came around, me and a friend jumped as quickly as we could to make use of the very new and exciting platform – and look where I am now! 

Of course, in the beginning, the internet was a very basic and slow tool – not accessible to everyone. For reference, it would take around two weeks to upload two files and even the simplest of online tasks were extremely time-consuming. I knew even then though that the internet was something special. After getting successfully stuck into the world of affiliate marketing and consultancy, I was comfortable with my financial situation. Like I said before though, I have always been a forward-thinker, so when I was offered a significant budget by a client to set up my own company – I naturally seized the opportunity. 

This was initially a joint venture where me and my good friend, who actually still works with me to this day, along with a number of other previous colleagues, set up what was known as ‘SEO Yorkshire’. 

‘SEO Yorkshire’ taught me a lot of things about how to run a business well, and not so well. I learnt to not be swayed by the opinions of others, no matter how strongly they are putting their argument across. I was receiving pressure from multiple angles whilst running the business to give up some of my shares, to which I stood my ground. In the end, the company was split up and me and my good friend set up a new business, this time known as ‘Digi Internet Marketing’. 

In a way, you could consider this company to be the baby of Bigfoot Digital, because it really was a stepping stone towards the digital marketing successes that me and my team have achieved today. 

Despite this company getting me to where I am now, the early days were not always easy.

For any new entrepreneurs out there who feel like their business isn’t having much luck, my advice to you is, as cliche as it may be, don’t give up! I’ve been through times where my businesses profits haven’t even allowed me to take a salary, to where I am now, being immensely proud of all that me and my team have achieved. 


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