In just the first quarter of 2020, more than half of sales made on Amazon were from third-party sellers, with Amazon sellers generating tens of billions in revenue across the globe. 

Despite the stats though, if sellers don’t put in the work and time to grow their reputation and presence on the platform, they will get lost among the competition. An increasing number of business-minded individuals are catching on to the incredible amount of opportunity that Amazon has to offer in a world where people now prefer to do the majority of their shopping online. 

Mark Woodcock’s Amazon FBA mentoring program aims to help sellers approach Amazon selling in the right way. Mark will work with you to provide his expertise and experience, so you can put both an educated and adaptive strategy in place and generate an impressive ROI.

Amazon FBA service

There is a huge range of factors involved in devising and implementing an Amazon selling strategy that gets results and can be built up over time to become an unstoppable source of revenue. Whether Amazon selling is your entire business or you are looking to get started and introduce Amazon FBA as a secondary income, there is a huge amount of opportunity on the platform.

Mark has been utilising all that Amazon has to offer for years, and, coupled with his decades of SEO experience, he knows the strategies that sellers should and shouldn’t be using to gain visibility on the online marketplace. As an Amazon FBA mentor and consultant, Mark will work with you to build your own knowledge over a series of regular calls where you can then go away and put your skills into play.


What does working with an amazon FBA consultant involve?

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Amazon SEO

With Amazon being used by millions of sellers across the globe, it’s no longer enough to publish your product listings and expect them to be found by your target audience. With Mark’s passion lying in all things SEO, you can benefit from his in-depth expertise in how to optimise your products to rank above your competitors on Amazon and generate sales. 

Mark knows all the best industry tools that brands should be utilising to carry out in-depth keyword research and ensure all product listings are optimised for the ultimate visibility. You can completely eliminate the risk associated with trying tools out for yourself and avoid the risk of investing in one that doesn’t offer what you need.

Amazon Buy Box

Achieving the Amazon Buy Box is arguably the most important aspect to a successful ecommerce selling strategy. Without getting ahead of competitors also offering your products and appearing in the Buy Box, your sales and visibility will be severely limited. Mark has helped many clients offering products from a range of categories to win the Amazon Buy Box and optimise their listings for conversions. 

While being an FBA seller is said to have a strong impact, Amazon doesn’t offer sellers a clear strategy to winning the Buy Box, which is why working with an expert Amazon consultant who knows Amazon’s algorithms inside out is hugely beneficial. Whether it’s your product pricing strategy, inventory management, or product reviews that are letting your strategy down, Mark is able to pinpoint areas that aren’t performing and offer actionable improvements.

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Email Updates

After each Amazon FBA training call with Mark, you will be sent a follow-up email with a summary of the key points and a list of actions for you to implement – think of it as homework. On top of this, part of the Mark Woodcock Amazon consultancy program is being kept fully informed and up to date with strategies. If there’s a new Amazon strategy on the scene that has been tried and tested to bring results, you will be the first to hear about it so you can incorporate it into your own campaigns and stay one step ahead of your competition.

Reporting & Data

The Amazon platform provides a wide range of data that sellers can use to analyse and improve the performance of their product listings. Without knowing how to utilise the tools or data at hand though, you could be letting valuable opportunities and critical areas for improvement pass you by. Mark’s Amazon consultancy includes full mentoring on how to use Amazon Seller Central and the analytics tools on offer so you can gain a deep understanding of Amazon’s metrics and ensure your strategy is being monitored in the right way.

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To find out more about how can Amazon consultant can benefit your business and what the Mark Woodcock consultancy program involves, get in touch today.

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