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Mark has been working in the SEO industry for over a decade and, over that time, has built up years of expertise to share with businesses that are looking to grow their knowledge and presence online. Google is always looking for ways to improve the browsing experience for users, which is why it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up to date with their ranking algorithms and get yourself seen. 

Mark Woodcock’s SEO consultancy in Huddersfield aims to provide you with a strong understanding of what an effective, quality, and proactive SEO strategy look like and the long term benefits that come with it. 

SEO isn’t just about building links or writing a blog post every month. It involves a multi-faceted strategy, making sure your site is technically sound, optimised and has votes of authority to show Google you can be trusted ultimately. Mark’s SEO consultancy aims to give you the skills you require to go off, devise and implement your own SEO strategy meaning you can avoid investing in an agency and save your business tons of money long term.

What does our SEO consultancy include?

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ strategy for SEO, which is why professional consultancy can be invaluable for business owners. Once you’ve learnt the ropes from a consultant, you will already have a strong understanding of your industry and niche to educate your strategy and implement it effectively over time. 

Mark Woodcock consultancy programme aims to equip you with an understanding of how to structure and optimise your site and how to build high-quality links, which, over time, allow you to gain top rankings in search.

Technical SEO

Professional SEOs will always start by auditing your site for technical SEO elements like SSL certificates, URL structures, response codes and more, something that can be overwhelming for newbies to SEO to consider. Mark’s professional consultancy calls talk you through all the critical technical SEO elements, but you will also be advised on any free or paid tools that can be used to carry out audits for yourself, which can save you tons of time and money.

On-site optimisation

SEO is largely about keywords and figuring out what your target audience is Googling so that you can try to rank for these, offer solutions and therefore bring in traffic and customers through the search results. The Mark Woodcock consultancy programme includes a run-through of conducting keyword research and pinpoint which search queries your business needs to be targeting to make money online.

Link building

Links are gold dust in the SEO world, but not just any old links – your site will need to place high-quality, relevant and trustworthy links that essentially act as a vote of confidence for Google that your site is authoritative. Mark and his team have been link building for many years and have a strong understanding of what works today and what links are a waste of time. You will learn how to find the best sites to gain links from, how to go about gaining these links and how to get ahead of your competitors when it comes to authority in search.

Regular updates

Although an SEO consultant won’t be implementing your campaign for you, you will receive regular updates and insights into any industry trends so you can adapt your strategy accordingly. Following each consultancy, you will receive a summary of everything discussed for you to put into practice over time. You can also ask any questions you need and receive honest, and thorough answers should you come across any topics you’re unsure about.


SEO is a long term marketing strategy, so it’s essential to have the skills to analyse data each month to determine your site’s progress in terms of traffic and rankings. Mark’s consultancy in Huddersfield includes guidance on using Google Analytics, Search Console and other key tools to your advantage so you can make sure your strategy is kept informed and you have a clear understanding of your success and progresses month on month.

Book an initial consultancy call today

Whether you know you want to book in with Mark Woodcock consultancy or you’re still deciding whether you require a consultant or done-for-you SEO services, you can get in touch with the team to find out more. Kick-start your journey in search today and start building on your knowledge of how to get your brand noticed in the search results with Mark’s reliable and premium consultancy services.

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