Google refines its algorithm every day, bringing with it new ways to optimise your website and be found online. Keep on top of these changes and you can expect impressive results. But if you neglect them in favour of outdated tactics, then you will fall behind the competition.

Mark Woodcock and the team at Bigfoot Digital are fully-immersed in SEO all day, every day, and the combined knowledge spans over 20 years’ with a thirst for knowledge and innovation, making Mark’s consultancy a clear leader in the industry.


SEO Consultancy Services

Rather than requiring a team of SEO experts to devise and implement an SEO campaign for your brand, Mark Woodcock consultancy allows you to take the reigns. Mark and his team have a comprised experience and expertise of both on-page and off-page SEO and have been delivering SEO consultancy services to businesses of all sizes across the UK for years. The businesses Mark aims to work with and support are those who are eager to learn and want to take control of their marketing, rather than relying on an external agency to take over. 

As an SEO consultant, Mark aims to teach you everything he knows, so that you can put it into practice for yourself.


What does Mark Woodcock’s SEO consultancy involve?

seo audit


As a technical SEO consultant at heart, Mark will always start with a complete audit of your current SEO performance. Digging into the areas of your site that are performing well and are optimised correctly and identifying areas that require improvements. This will form a checklist that you can work through alongside your SEO consultant on calls. If you don’t have an existing online presence, Mark will instead create a list of initial recommendations to kick start your online strategy.

On-Site SEO

Knowing how to structure your website using highly-searched keywords is the foundation of SEO success. Mark is able to support you in finding keywords that will not just bring in traffic but bring in the right kind of traffic and apply these to your pages. Your site structure will in turn be easy for Google’s bots to crawl and index, so you can start to rank in search in no time at all and work on improving rankings steadily over time.

seo content
traffic growth

Off-Site SEO

Building links from high-powered, authoritative domains is Google’s number one ranking factor. Mark has a clear blueprint to outline how to carry out effective outreach and ensure that your site is only securing relevant, quality links that are going to boost your website’s authority in the search results.

Conversion Optimisation

Optimising your website for Google’s bots is one thing. But how does it appear to prospective customers? If your site doesn’t encourage them to convert, then all that SEO work will be for nothing. Mark is able to take this into account at every stage and will work with you to improve conversion rates across all your money pages.

seo structure

Reporting & Data

There is a tremendous amount of insight you can learn from SEO analytics, but you have to know where to look and how to analyse it correctly. These helpful insights will help you understand how people are finding your site, what content they are engaging with, and where they are clicking. This will also help you find new opportunities for improving the overall optimisation of your site. Mark has been using Google Analytics since it was first released and can step you through all other essential SEO tools, along with some advanced ones that his team use every day to inform strategies.

Essentially, as an expert SEO consultant, Mark’s mentoring program is designed so you can focus your time and resources into the areas of marketing that deliver results, rather than second-guessing how to best ‘promote’ your business.

You can focus on running your business, safe in the knowledge that your organic search (SEO) consultant is giving you the best advice on how to maximise your profits. As a business owner, Mark is always investing in training from the best mentors who have made their millions using the strategies that you will have access to. You can expect nothing less than excellence from Mark as an industry leader. 

SEO consultancy

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