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About Mark...

Mark Woodcock is an online marketing professional with decades of experience in SEO, Amazon FBA and PPC.  He’s worked with clients in a wide range of industries and sectors to optimise their online presence over time and elevate their digital campaigns long term. 

Mark’s specialisms lie in all aspects of SEO and Amazon FBA, check out some of his client success stories or get in touch for an initial chat about how Mark can support you in uplifting your brand online. 



Premium marketing consultancy with Mark Woodcock puts you back in control of your marketing with personal and bespoke guidance.


Mentoring to help sellers achieve lasting success on the Amazon platform using the invaluable FBA program.


Mark’s premium SEO consultancy program was born out of his clients’ desires to learn more about marketing. 

Mark’s marketing journey started with setting up his own agency, employing other passionate individuals and offering done-for-you solutions to grow the online presence of clients in the search results. Bigfoot Digital has grown to become one of the UK’s leading digital agencies, but Mark recognises some of his clients’ clear interest in expanding their own expertise in marketing and putting it into practice. 

Premium marketing consultancy with Mark Woodcock puts you back in control of your marketing with personal and bespoke guidance from a recognised industry professional with specialisms in all areas of SEO and Amazon FBA.

If you need help with your SEO but want to be able to implement your own campaigns alongside a mentor, Mark’s consultancy program is right for you. 

Mark Woodcock - SEO Consultant


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Many guides to help you with your digital marketing will be uploaded soon. These will contain knowledge from not only myself but my entire digital marketing team over at Bigfoot Digital.

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